Producer & Writer

Sarah Robertson

Arctic mamals have deep quality to their lives and humans need to be reminded of this. We can learn a lot about ourselves from watching animals closely.

Sarah Robertson is a Canadian independent documentary producer, director and writer. Sarah’s first films show-cased rare animal behavior captured in very difficult circumstances; sometimes under the Arctic ice cap other times on top of ridiculously thin ice. Polar bears, walrus and narwhal are routine subjects, minus 30 degree Celsius cold a regular obstacle, sleeping in an igloo a pleasure and eating wild food with the Inuit an overcome conundrum.

Over time Sarah transcended the theme of survival in her films. She see’s unmistakable human likeness in animal behavior and was quick to use her powerful imagery to draw human connections. Working with scientists in the dozens of filming expeditions into the north, Sarah has seen evidence of global climate change. Her focus has been to communicate these shifts.

Sarah’s feature directorial debut, Arctic Tale made with National Geographic Films and Paramount Vantage was a first step in experimenting with the complexities of communicating effectually on the climate challenge. In 2007, Sarah was awarded The Explorers Club Lowell Thomas Award in recognition of excellence in exploring climate change.

Sarah has seen in her quarter century research in the Arctic rapid geographical, political and biological evolutions of the region and is interested in deeply understanding the implications. Her film, Sea Blind, The Price of Shipping Our Stuff is the beginning of a probe into the Arctic’s’ future as it transforms from frozen wasteland to center of World Geo Politics. Sea Blind is having an impact and is an effective tool in forwarding the global conversation on transitioning our transportation energy sources in the effort to contain a two-degree warming limit on our world.

Canadian Screen Awards, CA 2013 Winner Canadian Screen Award Best Science or Nature Documentary Program or Series Polar Bears: A Summer Odyssey (2012) Shared with: Tim O'Brien

Santa Barbara International Film Festival 2008 Nominee Jury Award Best Documentary Film Arctic Tale (2007) Shared with: Adam Ravetch

Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival 2007 Winner Just Film Award Best Children's Film Arctic Tale (2007) Shared with: Adam Ravetch