Adam Ravetch

There is reason for hope that the actions we take now-this decade, this century-will be regarded by those who follow as a positive turning point, a flashpoint in geological time when humankind became aware of the reality: we are a part of nature, not apart from it.

Adam Ravetch is a marine naturalist, scuba diver, and award-winning wildlife cinematographer. Dedicated to creative filmmaking, he strives to bring to the screen the unforgettable details of animals' lives and their relationship to mankind.

In his pursuit of the ultimate photographic challenge, Ravetch has become one of a handful of filmmakers to shoot beneath the Arctic ice cap. Even more unusual is his perseverance in the north with 15 years of experience working in the brutal, polar environment. The unforgiving Arctic has rewarded Ravetch with some fantastic, first-time-photographed events of the lives of polar bears and walrus.

Ravetch's shooting career spans from the Red Sea to Micronesia . While working in Television, Ravetch has helped film more than 90 programs for the small screen, including a recent sequence for the renowned BBC's Planet Earth Series. Ravetch brings to a production his ability to shoot on any format, from 35mm super 16mm film formats to the latest high definition cameras. He also has a diverse collection of remote camera operation systems.